My little projects

Robot Arm

July 2008

I built a robotic arm many years ago from plexi-glass and 6 servos. Controlled from a SSC serial servo controller.

It unfortunately turned out, that writing software to control and visualise the arm in 3d space was to difficult. It's now easy and cheaper to buy a USB arm.

I am still keen, to one day, build a computer controlled arm that can make me a cup of tea though.

Cube Clock

Sept 2010

A scrolling clock built using a serial communication to an 8x8 single green colour LED matrix. It is built in a custom cut plastic cube case with a frosted plexi glass front.


Wireless temp sensor

Jun 2009

An attempt to create a wireless temperature sensor using cheap components.

Using a picaxe 18x micro chip and an AM radio transmitter it can send data to a PC with the appropriate receiver.


Oct 2011

Using an ebb and flow system, the plant is watered every 6 hours.

The above picture is after just 10 weeks, the chilli plant had grown 12 inches with nice healthy green leaves and plenty of root mass.

It's too late in the year to get chillies though.

LED Matrix Clock

This is work in progress.

I did envision a bluetooth module to set the time and show messages/notifications from the PC. Scrolling messages on certain days (private and public holidays). An MP3 alarm module that would fade in the music and then fade out. A PIR module to turn the alarm off.

Due mainly to time, my original ideas have been scaled back so it is now just a clock, otherwise it'll never get finished. This will be version 1!